About us

About Us

Manna London prides itself as one of London’s leading VEGAN, PLANT and ORGANIC-based restaurants offering a comfortable and relaxed dining experience.

Our entire menu and drinks offerings are Vegan-friendly, and we aim to cater for all allergies and dietary concerns with a delightful menu to match. Our range of cocktails and mocktails, protein and health drinks (including our non-alcoholic range) simply add to the total vegan experience we are offering our customers for lunch bites or evening dining.

From an environmental viewpoint, we seek out sustainable products and test our carbon footprint at every juncture. Supplies are locally or UK-sourced wherever possible and our entire food offering is freshly cooked and primarily Manna-made.

Food is never wasted - we have close relationships with animal rescue and welfare organisations to which Manna donates its left-over food and a percentage of its sales. We also pride ourselves in actively supporting animal Charities that attend to the well-being and recovery of abused or abandoned animals. Please refer to our ‘Animal Donation’ page for further details.


We welcome you to our world and to London’s Manna restaurant in Primrose Hill, one of Europe’s finest and oldest gourmet vegetarian, now vegan, establishments, offering healthy chic and fine dining for over 50 years!

Our menus have developed under the stewardship of a distinguished array of international chefs including Robin Swallow. Roger and Robin (http://www.veganhealthandfitnessmag.com/2016/07/roger-robin-swallow/ owned the establishment since the turbulent 1960’s, a time of great change in London and around the world. A new sensibility swept the lands then; consciousness and self-awareness were explored, and we questioned everything, including the effects of our actions upon others and ourselves. While London continued its longstanding tradition of offering exotic cuisine from around the world, we investigated so many foods, philosophies and disciplines and discovered new delights and new paths to health. Quite quickly and very naturally, emerging from this, although common to many cultures and a basic philosophical dictum throughout the millennia, vegetarianism soon became the logical choice of an increasing number of people in a post-war and rapidly advancing contemporary society. A new vegetarian sensibility was born, especially in California and the major cosmopolitan cities of Europe. And in London, Manna led the way.

More than fifty-years on, Manna London is now a prime directive in society and firmly a destination of choice. No longer are there any doubts that proper health maintenance is achievable in no small part through our eating habits. More and more people are aware of the socio-ecological consequences of a toxic modern world. Now, furthering, even more, an animal-product-free philosophy, a modern lifestyle without dairy products is resonating the same way that simple vegetarianism once did… and like the essential nature of manna cuisine, our Manna is a 100% vegan and organic restaurant.

Robin Swallow is the creative force behind plant-based manna cuisine in Los Angeles and, as the inspiration and menu designer of UK’s now famous Manna London restaurant, she has been the guiding light of its direction especially since it became fully vegan a decade ago. Vegetarian from inception, Manna has been leading the way since 1967 and is now the most established Vegan restaurant of its kind in the UK, if not all of Europe.

Robin and husband Roger reside in LA, and it is to her Southern California roots that Robin returns for her inspiration and ideas, whether traditional or nouveau, multi-ethnic or primarily local and Mexican. Combining this with our local chef’s own exposure and experience in the astonishing array of wonderful ethnicity and education available in London. Robin is an integral guiding light in many kitchens, organisations and individuals on a plant-based, vegan lifestyle; and is a very popular private chef and events caterer in Los Angeles.


May 2019: Inclusion in Harden's Best UK Restaurants 2019
2018: Voted as one of top 10 vegan restaurants in the UK
2017: 50th Anniversary celebration of London’s oldest and best established (Vegetarian) Vegan restaurants.